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Licensed Esthetician - Esthetics Instructor

Theresa is a licensed Esthetician and Esthetics Instructor at the leading clinical school of Esthiology, Mequon Thiensville School of Esthetics. Through her continued education and advanced training, Theresa’s goal is to offer to her clients advanced methods and techniques to optimize treatments and outcomes. Dedicated and committed to giving each client the personalized attention they need, she customizes all services and treatments to the individual.  This involves understanding the skin and various disorders, and how to properly approach and effectively perform services.  And while that’s extremely important, she also believes that it is imperative to treatment to patiently listen to each and every client, to better understand the challenges and struggles they may be having with their skin, and ultimately help them change any negative perceptions of themselves while improving the overall appearance of their skin.  By combining her knowledge and passion for the field of esthetics and empathy and compassion for each client, her services are praised for their quality and consistency.  She believes that although there are no miracle cures to reverse aging and no magic lotion in a bottle that can erase all imperfections,  by educating clients on a healthy skin care regimen  and proper product usage significant improvement can be achieved improving the overall health of the skin, slow the aging process and prevent future damage.