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No two people are identical with their skin care needs or desires. Many of us have multiple concerns anc challenges with our skin occuring at the same time. While we all have a genetically specific skin type, we may also have intrinsic and extrinsic induced skin conditions.  That’s why each treatment at Le Cocon begins with a thorough skin analysis and consultation to determine what facial service would be most appropriate for your skin.  By utilizing our unique and advanced formulations that provid potent concentrations and high levels of active ingredients, we can customize your facial to target your specific skin type, your lifestyle, challenges, concerns and overall desired results to help you nourish and feed the largest organ of our body, the skin.

Le Cocon facials are customized to address multiple issues such as:


Sluggishness - Reduced Elasticity

Dullness - Uneven skin tone

Acne - Acne Scarring - Blemishes

Redness- Discolorations

Dryness - Dehydration

Fine Lines - Wrinkles

Pore Size

Excess Oils

Sun-Damaged Skin